Take low Light Pictures

without moving or shaking...

Introducing two Square Jellyfish Bluetooth® remotes for Apple and Android Smartphones and Tablets

Take back control of your pictures with Square Jellyfish’s Jelly Remote 4-Button!


No more asking strangers who don’t have a clue to take your family’s pictures. No more “selfie” pics full of arms and goofy mistakes. No more dropping your device while trying to take a picture.


With the Jelly Remote 4-Button, you can take pictures with a simple touch of a remote button.


In addition to all of the hands-free photography, the Jelly Remote 4-button also allows you to play/pause your music, skip and restart songs, play movies & TV shows on your media player, and control volume on your Bluetooth smartphone or tablet.


And, when your device is plugged into a Bluetooth speaker, you can control the music (including volume level) with this click of a button.


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Are you a smartphone photographer extraordinaire? Are your friends amazed at the quality of pics you get on your tablet?


Do you want to take your smartphone and tablet photography to the next level? With our Jelly Flashlight Remote, you’ll be amazed with the new types of shots you can add to your ever-expanding portfolio.


The Jelly Flashlight Remote is the perfect tool for taking pics during a night out on the town. In addition to letting you take remote photos with just a click of a button, the built-in flashlight allows you to light up your subject for crisp photography, even in low light.


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Q: Will the Jelly Remote work with my phone/tablet?

A: Both Bluetooth remotes work with all Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. They do not work with other operating systems (such as Windows, Blackberry, etc.)


Q: Do I need to turn off the remote?

A: No, after 5 minutes the remote goes to sleep.  When you press any button the Jelly logo red LED will blink to let you know that it is looking for your device.  After the remote finds your device, the Jelly logo will blink three times...then press the function you desire.  (Please note: you may have to push the button more than once.)


Q: Can I use the Bluetooth Jelly Remote to wake up my phone?

A: DO NOT use the Bluetooth Jelly Remote to wake up your phone. It is better to wake up your phone before you use the remote, so as to not confuse your operating system.


Q: What kind of battery does it us? How often will I have to change it?

A: The battery in the Jelly Remote is a 3V Lithium CR2032.   The Flashlight Remote uses a standard AAA battery.


Q: What’s the shooting range on the Jelly Remote?

A: Since the remote is Bluetooth, the range is standard Bluetooth range: 33 ft.


Q: Does the four-button Jelly Remote have a zoom in and zoom out feature?

A: When we developed the remote, we did not initially program it to have the zoom in/zoom out feature. However, some people in using the four-button Bluetooth remote have found that pushing the right and left buttons, they are able to zoom in and zoom out. But, it seems to vary by phone. So, to be safe, we would advise that the zoom in and zoom out feature is NOT currently available on the initial model.


Q: How do I pair the remote with my device?

A: First, remove the battery cover, and remove the battery. Gently slide the small switch to either the Android or the Apple option, depending on what device you have.


Once you have replaced the battery cover, press and hold the Play/Pause Button for 5 seconds. The remote is now in pairing mode. Go to your phone’s or tablet’s Bluetooth settings menu, and look for “SJF_G15BR1”. Select “Pair” or “Connect” with SJF_G15BR1.


Your device is now paired with the device, and you can proceed to use it!


Q: Can I pair the Jelly Remote with more than one device at a time?

A: No. Just one Device at a time.


Q: Do I need to download a special app to use the Jelly Remote?

A: No. You can use the Jelly Remote with your normal camera app – no extra downloads needed.


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