Works with the Garmin GPS

Holds most Smartphones or Phablets


Will work with the original iPhone to the new iPhone 6 Plus.  4 springs tightly hold your Smartphone with screens as large as 6 inches and up to 3 5/8 inches wide.  This mount will work with most phones with or without a case.

Multi-function Snap on/Snap off Attachments


The spring mount claws can accommodate Smartphone screens up to 6" in diagonal.  With a simple turn of the ball joint release knob, the pivot ball becomes free to attach your Garmin GPS with 17 mm ball joint socket.



Works with Non-Curved or Strait Vents


The clamping action of the mount only works with strait car vents.  It will not clamp on a curved or circular car vents.


(Please observe and obey all local traffic and safety laws while using this device!)


Phones up to 3 5/8 (92mm) inches wide

Jelly Grip

  Car Vent Mount

Jelly Grip Car Vent Mount


Most rental cars don't come with in-dash GPS.  You could pay an additional fee to rent a stand-alone GPS, but why would you when you already have GPS on your Smartphone??  The answer is simple: in most states it is illegal to touch your phone while driving.  With Jelly-Grip Car Vent Mount, that problem is solved.

How the Jelly-Grip is Different


Other mounts rely on plastic grips or friction to hold the mount in place.  With Jelly-Grip, the sturdy metal vent hook working in conjunction with the clamping action of the screw makes it virtually impossible for the mount to come loose or fall off.  Works with strait vents that are 3/8" to 1" deep.

Unbelievable Range of Position


The pivot ball has long been known as the gold standard for positioning flexibility.  That's why the engineers at Square Jellyfish have strategically placed the pivot ball at the center of the Jelly-Grip allowing you to tilt and rotate your Smartphone to virtually any angle.

Vents 3/8" to 1"

Use Knob to Extend or Retract Hook

Ball Joint for Maximum Flexibility

Front Edge of Vent goes Here

Rear Edge of



 Jelly Grip Car Vent Mount

Do you want to install your phone with one hand????...Watch Video

Please watch this short video to see how to install and remove the phone with one hand.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

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