#1 Jelly Grip Pro Tripod Mount

This mount will hold any phone on the market and will allow you to attach up to two accessories like a microphone or LED light.  The Jelly Grip Pro comes with two accessories adapters that will work with any accessories that has a standard 1/4 x 20 camera mount threads.


Attach the light to the arm with the ball joint and you can freely position the light.  Or use this for your microphone the options are endless.


Get your creative energy going!!

Attach two accessories

     to your mount

Boom Mic

LED Lite

Available Now at:

Use this setup to record your music or voice for your videos or broadcasts.  We have found the Shure MV5 to be a good microphone for the iPhone 7 with the lighting connector.  The MV5 has both a voice and music mode for your best recordings.

#2  Jelly Grip Spring Mount - Available Now

We wanted to make a simple spring mount that would allow you to attach a single accessory.  The Jelly Grip Spring Mount was designed just for this purpose.  It will hold any phone on the market.  The spring jaws will open 3.75 inches wide, but will still hold the iPod Touch


This mount will not hurt your wallet either.  Check it out at your local retailer or Amazon.com

Zoom Microphone

Table Top Tripod

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