Tablet Tripod Mount

  Giottos Ball Head

    Jelly Long Legs

Square Jellyfish introduces a new micro tripod called: Jelly Long Legs.  The new Jelly Long Legs are incredibly light and only weigh less than 1 ounce.  Jelly Long Legs are very strong and made of a high grade Polycarbonate / ABS plastic.  When folded Jelly Legs are just 4.5 inches long.   When open they span about 7 inches.  They can support about 16 ounces.  If a ball head is required, please use one that can support 1 to 2 pounds.

Jelly Long Legs Tripod

Use the Jelly Long Legs with your 7" tablet in portrait or landscape.

For extreme angles for pocket cameras required for night sky or ceiling pictures. Use the Jelly Long Legs and Giottos Ball Head.

When the legs are folded.  They form a easy to hold handle that can help with pictures and videos.

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