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Square Jellyfish Pocket Tripod

Ideal for photography hobbyists on the go, travelers who don’t want to carry a heavy tripod and families wanting to capture photos of parents and their children at home and virtually anywhere.   The Square Jellyfish Pocket Tripod is portable and easy to use. It can be mounted quickly to any camera with a tripod screw mount. The unique shape of the tripod allows a camera to be positioned at many different angles while holding a camera steady to take a picture.


Photography enthusiasts can use the Pocket Tripod for hands-free positioning of a camera, which can be swiveled 360 degrees held level, or angled upward or downward in any combination. It is designed to support lightweight, compact cameras or small video cameras.


The Square Jellyfish Pocket Tripod is made from sturdy polycarbonate/ABS plastic, weighs only 0.4 ounces and measures 2.75” x 1.75” and is .75” tall.

Works with small video cameras

Works with cameras

with a telephoto lens

If your camera's tripod screw is not in the middle of the camera.  You may need a ball joint to help balance the camera.  You also have to adjust the Pocket Tripod to get the best balance.

Micro Ball Head with Pocket Tripod

Plastic Version

Add a ball joint for speed, flexibility and more precision for telephoto pictures.


At full zoom even 1 mm makes a difference.

Here is an awesome video from the crew at Quadrant Studios.  How many types of phones

do you see in the video????

Using the Pocket Tripod and a Giottos MH 1004 ball head.  The 2 pound mid-size digital camera was able to take a sharp picture on top of a trash can.  The shutter was left open for 6 seconds.  Luckily no one had to use the trash can at that time.  Dealing with this minor inconvenience was better than carrying a tripod all day long.  The Pocket Tripod and the ball head easily fit in a jacket pocket.


Balance is still the key to making the Pocket Tripod and ball joint work.  A 50mm lens was not a problem, but a larger lens would be harder to balance.

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