Spring Tripod Mount

Micro Ball Head

Jelly Legs Micro Tripod

Get in the Picture .....


To get the best, highest-resolution pictures, the camera on the back of the phone should be used.  Use a timer or voice command App to take the pictures.

Holds Smartphones up to 3 5/8 Inches Wide

Do you like taking pictures with your smart phone? How about videos? Do you love taking panoramic shots?


Would you like to be in more pictures with your friends, but hate constantly having to ask a stranger to take your pictures for you?


Are you constantly on-the-go, with no space to drag around a tripod with you?


The Spring Tripod Mount’s unique flexibility allows a smartphone to be positioned vertically or horizontally in seconds. The arms “spring together” and tension holds a phone or device securely in place.


The Spring Tripod Mount can accommodate virtually any smartphone, MP3 or thin pocket camera and can expand large enough to hold the larger Galaxy Note II.


Pro Metal Version

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Designed to quickly attach any Smartphone with or without a case from 2 1/4 to 3 5/8 inches wide.

4 springs for a strong grip and small enough to fit in your pocket

Portable and easy to use - ideal for smartphone users on the go

Can be mounted quickly to any tripod with a universal screw mount, including Square Jellyfish’s own Pocket Tripod or Jelly Legs Micro Tripod.

Rotate from Vertical to Horizontal in seconds – the only mount in the market that can do this

Also makes a cool desk stand for your device when combined with one of our tripods


Galaxy Note 3


iPhone 6

Vertical to Horizontal in seconds!

The above time lapse video of Venice was taken with a Spring Tripod Mount, iPhone 5 and a full size tripod.

When paired with either our Jelly Micro Legs tripod, or with the Jelly Long Legs tripod, you can fold  the legs down to form a handle that help with video, self-portraits, and iPhone 5 Panoramic photos.


Spring Tripod Mount

Micro Ball Head

Hot Shoe Flash Adapter

When paired with a micro ball head (Square Jellyfish’s shown above), a smartphone can be attached to the top of a camera. This can be used either to get the attention of a subject (such as a pet or baby), or can show the person taking the picture what the shot will look like once photographed.

Here’s a great example of the kind of pictures you can get on your smartphone using the right tools – like ours! The above pictures were taken with the iPhone 5, Pocket Tripod, Micro Ball Head and new Spring Tripod Mount with NightCap application.

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